Ward Mote - 2018

The Broad Street Ward Mote

at Drapers' Hall

on Wednesday 21st March 2018

The Ward Mote is an annual meeting attended by Ward Electors, giving them an opportunity to ask questions of and make comment to the Alderman, Ward Clerk and members of Common Council.

Broad Street Ward Club was recently delighted to present the Honorary Clerk of the Ward of Broad Street (Mr Adrian Smallwood) with an official gown, which he wore for the first time at the Ward Mote held at Drapers’ Hall on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

Also present, and shown below, are The Club's President and Alderman for the Ward of Broad Street, Michael Mainelli, Deputy John Bennett, Chris Hayward CC and John Scott CC. The Ward Beadle, Mr George Martin, was of course on hand to open/close the meeting and keep good order.

Here are a few photos from that event (Click to expand and scroll through):

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