Compared to the often complicated boundary lines of some Wards, the boundary of Broad Street is relatively straightforward. To circumvent the 'Bounds' of the Ward in a counter-clockwise direction, begin at St Margaret Lothbury and continue east along Throgmorton Street, past Drapers' Hall and then north for the entire length of Old Broad Street, pasing Tower 42 on the right hand side. Turn left on Liverpool Street and then south down Blomfield Street turning right onto London Wall at Carpenters' Hall. Continue along London Wall, turning south at Copthall Avenue and then east at Telegraph Street through some tight pedestrianised areas and onto Moorgate for just 40 metres, before turning east again and then back down through St Margaret's.


The boundary line actually dissects the Church of St Margaret Lothbury as it has been a shared Ward Church with Coleman Street since the destruction of St Stephen's, Coleman Street in 1940.


The Broad Street Ward is predominantly a business district and has a relatively small electorate - hence the Ward's allocation of only 3 Common Councilmen.

The City of London Corporation provides a useful map that shows the boundaries of all 25 Wards of the City and you can zoom-in to show quite high levels of detail. Click on the button to access this site. Note: This map does take quite a while to load.

The modern definition of Broad Street Ward Boundary

Tower 42 - on Old Broad Street, but not in the Ward (it's actually in Cornhill Ward).