There are many online resources available to track down the history of Broad Street Ward. Its street names have changed, the boundary has changed and methods of governance have alterred over many years.


A number of websites are presented below, if you know of a good reference not listed here - please get in touch via the Contact Us button above.

New Broad Street

This is a link to the 'British History Online' facility and its section on Broad Street taken from John Noorthouck's A New History of London Including Westminster and Southwark, 1773, pp. 566-576.

British History Online - a digital library of sources for the history of Britain from 1300-1800

This is a link to 'Viewfinder' an online photographic resource. Quite a few pictures from in and around the Ward, dating from the 1850s are available.

This is a link to 'Collage' an online image resource developed and funded by the City of London Corporation and managed by London Metropolitan Archives. 

City Of London Library & Art Gallery Electronic

This is a link to the Broad Street entry on 'Wikipedia' - take care, as accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

There are also interesting sections on the Dutch Church and Austin Friars.