Our Chairman, Mr Martin Samuel, hosted the Ward Club on another very enjoyable river trip on Monday May 16th, 2016.


We must thank our Alderman and President Michael Mainelli and his wife Elisabeth for their extreme generosity in allowing the Ward Club to spend a special evening on their Thames Sailing Barge "Lady Daphne".


We were fortunate to have Tower Bridge raised twice especially for us.


There are fewer than 30 sailing barges left in Britain, only six wooden barges with full passenger certificates and only two in London. Lady Daphne is one of the most famous of London’s classic wooden vessels still sailing - 91 feet long, 21 feet wide, built in 1923 at a gross tonnage of 117 tonnes and able to transport 220 tonnes of cargo. She is one of the many thousand Thames sailing barges built for the English coastal trade from the 18th century until the middle of the 20th century.


For more information about the Lady Daphne see www.lady-daphne.co.uk.



A selection of photographs (and a short video) is shown below.