AGM - 2015

This was the Annual General Meeting that took place this year in the RBS Buildings in Bishopsgate

Monday 23rd February 2015

The AGM was extremely well attended with 70 plus attendees. Special thanks go to our Immediate Past Chairman (Keith Bottomley) for his help in obtaining the RBS facilities in Bishopsgate in general, and my particular thanks for supporting me on the podium when the Agenda item voting for the amendments to the Club’s Governance was tabled. It appeared to me that all members present were impressed that so much effort had been put in by our Immediate Past Chairman and our Honorary Secretary, working alongside the City Remembrancer.


Incoming Chairman, Derek Morley greets the new Deputy Chairman Martin Samuel

The Royal Bank of Scotland's HQ building in Bishopsgate

Here are some more photos from the event (click on an image to expand):

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