The Square Mile is divided into 25 geographic areas called Wards. These Wards are represented by an assembly called the Court of Common Council. This consists of 100 Common Councilmen and 25 Aldermen (one for each Ward). These positions are elected by the residents of the Ward. The number of Councilmen allocated to each particular Ward is based on the size of the electorate. Broad Street is currently (August 2015) represented by 3 Common Councilmen and (of course) 1 Alderman. There is a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 2 Councilmen per Ward.


The Court of Common Council represents the public interest and informs how the City of London Corporation should carry out its various activities and duties.


The Councilmen and the Alderman are (respectively) Ex Officio Committee Members and The President of the Broad Street Ward Club. Click on the links below to see the City of London website entry for each member.

Guildhall is the home of The Court of Common Council, The Court of Aldermen and the centre of City Governance.

Michael Mainelli is the Alderman (and President of the Ward Club), John Bennett MBE is The Ward Deputy (appointed to this position at the Annual Wardmote by the Alderman).


There is also an Honorary Ward Clerk (Adrian Smallwood) and a Ward Beadle - appointments also within the gift of the Alderman.

Wooden plaques such as this are erected near the boudaries of the Ward and show the Alderman and Common Councilmen that are currently in post.