Bayeaux Tapestry Lecture

A Lecture on the Bayeaux Tapestry entitled:

"1066 - How History was Stitched Up"

on Monday 14th May 2018

The Ward Club Chairman, Jonathan Hindle, welcomed Members and their guests to the inaugural Broderers' Textile Lecture, which was shared between the Broderers' Company, the World Traders' and the Broad Street Ward Club and was held at Carpenters' Hall on London Wall on 14th May.

After a most convivial drinks reception, we were called to our seats to enjoy the lecture, given by Kate Russell. Proceedings were opened by the Master of the Broderers' Company Mr Roger Sanders OBE. He introduced Kate and she led us through the Bayeux Tapestry (or, more accurately as we learnt, the Bayeux 'Embroidery') from start to finish, indicating the likely meanings of the images and interestingly, where opinion remains divided.

She also gave an overview of a piece of additional Embroidery that was completed in 2012 by residents and visitors to the tiny Channel Island of Alderney. It is commonly assumed that the final section of the Bayeux Tapestry is missing and would have contained details of what happened after the Battle of Hastings. It is thought this would have included the surrender of the English Barons at Berkhamstead, the Coronation of William and the construction of the Tower of London. Consequently, it is these events that are included on the Alderney Tapestry.

Overseeing the creation of this piece of work on Alderney was Pauline Black, who was also in attendance.

At the end of the lecture, Ward Club President (and Past Master World Trader), Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli conducted a question and answer session. The event was brought to a close by Chairman, Jonathan Hindle and we were then treated to a substantial range of finger-food and wine.

The Alderney Tapestry had been transported from its home in the Alderney Library and was on display at Carpenters' Hall for us to see and admire. A souvenir bookmark celebrating the Aldeney 'Finale' was presented to each attendee and this is shown left (click the image to expand).

A selection of photos from the event are shown below.

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