EVENTS FROM 2014 - 2015

Here are some of the Events that the Broad Street Ward Club enjoyed from 2014 to 2015, while Keith Bottomley CC was Chairman. Click on the Event Button to see further details.

Tour of House of Lords

22nd January 2015

Carols at St Margaret Lothbury

16th December 2014

Annual Civic Luncheon

28th November 2014

Visit to the UK Supreme Court

 14th October 2014

Harvest at St Margaret Lothbury

9th October 2014

Tour of London's Air Ambulance

15th September 2014

Tour of Shakespeare's Globe

 14th July 2014

Party at St Margaret Lothbury

10th June 2014

River Cruise on the Lady Daphne

19th May 2014

Private Tour of Coutts Bank

26th March 2014


Annual General Meeting at RBS

24th February 2014